Crossword Dictionary Frequently Asked Questions


No word hits in search

Common issues

Since this dictionary is specialized for crosswords, only "commonly used nouns" are registered in the built-in system dictionary.

If the word you are looking for is not registered in the system dictionary, you can add it as a user dictionary.

If the word you want to search for is not found, please check the following

· The dictionary is installed in "Usage Dictionary > Edit"

· The list of words is displayed in the preview when you tap the dictionary in "Usage Dictionary > Edit".

· The dictionary you want to use is enabled in "Usage Dictionary".

· The list of words is displayed when you click the "Search without determining the number of characters" button without entering anything in "Easy Search"

If the list of dictionaries is not displayed in "Usage Dictionary > Edit", the database may not have been initialized properly. Please go to "Settings > Initialize" to initialize the database.

Do not leave the screen while the database is being initialized or the dictionary is being installed until the process is finished. If the application goes into the background, the process may not be completed properly.

If you want to check if the word you want to search for exists in the dictionary, you can check all the words registered in the dictionary you are currently using by entering nothing in "Easy Search" and clicking the "Search without determining the number of characters" button.

If you know the number of characters, you can use the "Jump" button to jump to the number of characters of the word you want to search for to check it.

Difficult search

· The search mode is set to "Difficult".

· Only three types of symbols can be used as wildcards: "_" = one character, "%" = one or more characters, and "\" = escape symbol. If you use other symbols, you may not be able to perform a normal search.

User dictionary

What is the additional format of the dictionary?

There are two types of dictionary addition: "Keyword Only" and "Keyword,Supplement".

If there is no comma-separation in a sentence, it is automatically registered as "Keyword Only".

Keyword Only

All words will be registered as keyword


Comma-separated words are registered as supplement

If there is no comma-separation in the file, everything will be registered as "Keyword Only".

What is "Keyword"?

These are the words used in the search.

If you want to search for a word, please register it as a "Keyword".

What is "Supplement"?

These words are used to display readings, meanings, etc.

They are not used for searching.

Multiple words can be added as supplements by separating them with [/].

borange,orange juice/orange peel

If you want the supplement to hit your search, please add it in a different order.

apple,apple pie

> "apple" hits the search, but "apple pie" does not hit the search.

apple,apple pie

apple pie,apple

> "apple" and "apple pie" both come up in the search.

I can't register the dictionary properly.

Addition to the dictionary canceled.

Deletion of the dictionary canceled.

Could not delete the dictionary.

Cause: The cancel button was pressed.Or The process was canceled because the app was closed.

If you leave the app for a long time, it may be canceled.

Please wait until the process is finished.

Could not add to the dictionary.

Cause: A problem occurred while adding a dictionary.

Is the dictionary in the wrong format?

You can register "Keyword" or "Keyword,Supplement" in the format of "Keyword" or "Keyword,Supplement".

In "Keyword Only", one line is registered as a keyword.

Please use this one for the basics as it is simple to register and hard to malfunction.

If you want to add pronunciations and meanings, please select "Supplement,Keyword".

In "Keyword,Supplement", [,][/] is recognized as a separator.

When used within a word, replace [,] with [\,] and [/] with [\/].

To add more than one supplementary character, use [/] to separate them.

Special symbols may not be available in some cases.

If the text is garbled, please specify the character code [UTF-8] and a line break [CR+LF] when saving.

Only text files such as [.txt][.csv] can be added.

You can register up to 1 item for "Keyword" and 2 items for "Keyword,Supplement". Any further items will be ignored.

A sample is here.

Some keywords did not fit in the dictionary.

Cause: Some words could not be added when trying to add a dictionary.

Only text files can be added.

Only "Keyword" and "Supplement" entries can be added. The rest of the entries will be ignored.

If you want to continue the process, press "OK".

If you don't want to be ignored, please click "Cancel".

Remove unnecessary comma separators [,] or [/], or if you want to use [,] or [/] in a word, change it to [\,][\/] and try again.

Could not add because there are no keywords.

Cause: When I tried to add a "Keyword,Supplement" format, the "Keyword" part was blank.

You cannot register "Supplement" only. Please fill "Keyword" with a word.

The file name used in the system cannot be used.

Cause: The name of the file you are trying to add was the same as the system name.

The following file name cannot be used because it is used by the system. Please change them to other names.

ja, ja_katakana, ja_trivia, en, de, es, es, fr, hi, pt, ru, zh


Could not read file.

Could not write file.

Cause: The file could not be accessed.

Please allow access to files and directories.

If the file is read-only, change it to be writable.


The app could not be started because Disagree was selected.

Cause: You did not agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

You need to agree to use the app.

Could not open because the browser is not installed.

Cause: "Open in browser" is enabled in the settings, but the browser is not installed on the device.

To use Open in a browser, please install a browser that can display the site on your device in advance.

The downloaded file is garbled and cannot be read.

Cause: The OS used and the text editor is not set to "UTF-8" for reading.The following text data are all set to "UTF-8" character code and "LF" line feed code for ease of use on Android.

To fix the garbled characters, please reload the data in "UTF-8".

When editing, please convert the data to a format suitable for your OS.