Crossword Dictionary How to Use

Search mode

Easy Search : Just enter any character you know

easy search
①Input Form
Fill in the squares with the known letters.
For example, if the second letter is "a" and the third letter is "b".
②Character count setting bar
You can set the number of characters to search for.
③+ Button, - Button
You can adjust the number of lines in a square.
④Trash button
Clear all letters.
⑤Search button
It will search for the set contents.

Normal Search : Searches like a normal dictionary

Ex.:if you type "app".

Forward Match:

Look for words beginning with a keyword. (e.g.:apple,appro,appeal…)

Partial Match:

Look for words containing the keyword. (e.g.:lapp,apple,frappe…)

Backward Match:

Look for words ending with a keyword. (e.g.:lapp…)

Perfect Match:

Look for words that exactly match the keyword. (e.g.:app)

Difficult Serch : You can use a wildcard to find it

You can use wildcards."_" = 1 character."%" = Zero or more characters."\" = Escape character.

Ex.:"a_c%" > (abc,arch,ascot…)

Search Results

search result
①Search Form
Enter the characters you want to search. (Only Normal Search, Difficult Search)
Words that correspond to the characters you searched for
③Supplementary information
Keyword readings and meanings, etc.
④Character count
The number of characters in the keyword
⑤Shortcut button
Displays the shortcut menu for copy, web search, share, etc.
⑥Jump button
Jump to the keyword of the corresponding number of characters

You can copy keywords and search the web. The default setting is "web search".

You can set up various settings in [Settings > Search Results].

Long Tap:

You can copy the supplement or search the web for it. If there are multiple candidates, you can choose from the list.

The settings are the same as [Settings > Search Results].


If no keywords are entered in the search form, a list of the keywords you have searched for will be displayed.



Search Result

You can choose what to do when you tap a keyword.

Copy, web search, wiki search, share, etc.

Hide input form automatically

Automatically hides the input form when scrolling the search results.

To show it again, click the arrow button at the top of the search results.

Open in browser

When you tap on a search result, it will open the result in the browser installed on your device.

Depending on the OS version and the browser installed on the device, the results may be automatically opened in the browser even if the checkbox is not checked.

Search mode at startup

You can set the search mode that is displayed when the app is launched.



This function restores the dictionary data to the state it was in when the application was installed.

You can use this function when dictionaries are missing, not displayed or not correct.

For more information, please see Cautions.



You can watch the tutorial that will be displayed when you install it.

How to use

You can find out how to use the crossword dictionary.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a list of tips and hints on what's going wrong or error messages are displayed.


Privacy Settings

Allows you to set permissions for the use of your personal information.


Terms of service

Terms of service for the Crossword Dictionary.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy of the Crossword Dictionary.


List of licenses for Dictionary Data, etc.

Open source licenses

List of licenses for the program.

Usage dictionary

This is a list of currently installed dictionaries.

You can choose whether to include them in the search results by clicking the "Use" button.

Usage dictionary > Edit

Multilingual Dictionary

Additional dictionaries for various countries can be installed in addition to Japanese.

Languages currently supported:

English, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

You can also install additional katakana and miscellaneous books for Japanese only.

User Dictionary

You can add your own favorite words.

Add file:

To add a user dictionary, read a file in the terminal and add it as a user dictionary.

The user dictionaries should be in a text file format such as [.txt][.csv].

When you want to add supplementary words (meaning and pronunciation, etc.), please separate them with a comma like "Keyword,Supplement".

You can register multiple supplements by separating them with [/].


egg,scrambled egg

orange,orange juice/orange peel

* User dictionary is not backed up.

For more information, please see Cautions.


You can check the contents of the dictionary.

In the case of a user dictionary, you can edit the title and comments.

Clear History

Delete the search history.


The dictionary data is initialized in the following cases.

  • Initialized by [Settings > Initialize]
  • Restored from backup on Android 6.0 and earlier devices
  • Database updated in app

Please note that data such as multilingual dictionary data, history, and user dictionaries added later will not be backed up.

Save the data added in the user dictionary with a file application etc. in advance, and install it again from [Add File].